The way of the Essentialist is simple and it is freeing. However, it is not easy.

Becoming an Essentialist, especially an “Essentialist” whose desire is to find union with God through the self-sacrificial spirituality offered by Jesus Christ, requires a person to say “no” to anything that may change our focus while always trying to reorder those areas of our lives that are enslaved by unhealthy desires.

This type of essentialism simultaneously begs us to say “yes” to practices that draw us into deeper focus on “oneing” with the Creator. These disciplines ground us in reality and that which is true while opening the door to the Kingdom of God’s love here and now so that we become a conduit of its power.

As distractions fly in our path, in some cases from places we didn’t know existed, we all need a trusted place to consistently be offered trustworthy content, timely insights and practical products that are dedicated to helping each of us live more purposeful lives of love, grow deeper in our faith, and restore our relationship with the Father by cultivating our heart and soul, mind and strength.

Founded in 2023 to bring hope, joy, and solutions, Essentialist Press prints high-quality books, publishes meaningful media, and makes useful products dedicated to helping humans declutter their minds, grow in Godly wisdom, develop better habits for living and live a more virtuous life.