Our Lady’s life is full of stories and traditions that have led to doctrines and dogmas which have only magnified the meaning and power of our Lord’s coming. But, have you ever wondered what the prayer life of the “handmaid of the Lord” looked like in her formative years? How did our Blessed Mother pray as a child and what kept her continually in the will of God as an early contemplative and mystic? As she grew in maturity and wisdom, how did she teach her son Jesus, the Savior of the world, to pray as a young boy or as a teen?

David Torkington answers these questions and more as he leads us on a journey into union with God through the prayer life of the Virgin Mary.

While Never Too Late To Love begins with the ways in which she would have communicated with God as a young Jewish girl, it quickly goes further into explaining how the early Church also prayed in a similar manner, and why her apparition messages at places like Fatima, Akita, and Quito have always called us to a life of repentance, prayer, sacrifice, and the sacraments.

If you have ever desired to deepen your inner life, find a stronger connection to the Lady of the Rosary, and discover new ways to strengthen your relationship with Our Lord, come and see why Bishop Athanasius Schneider, Mother Abbess Cecilia (Abbess of The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles), and Dan Burke (The Avila Institute) have all endorsed Never Too Late To Love.