Revised and updated with a new preface by the Author for Essentialist Press, Inner Life is David Torkington’s personal reflection on the experiences that have shaped his spiritual life. It draws together many of the simple stories and reminiscences from his popular column in the Catholic Herald to describe his life-changing discovery of the mystery of prayer.

First printed in 1997, the collection is arranged to read as a journey through the author’s youth, adolescence, and adulthood. He explains the wonder with which he learned to reconcile the converging strands of his life of religious teaching and mystical experience. Urging us to think of prayer as a way into Christ’s dimension outside space and time, he shares the lessons of his own spiritual heroes, from the Desert Fathers to Dom John Chapman. He also gives practical advice for the complete beginner, and details new and traditional methods of prayer to lead us on through meditation to contemplation.

This book is written in David Torkington’s distinctly direct and inviting style which has led to a growing fanbase of Christians who desire to access a deeper, more meaningful life of prayer as they pursue union with God.

Foreword by Sister Wendy Beckett.