A group of men who had lost hope over two thousand years ago were set afire with love, and hope was reborn within them. Three thousand onlookers were set afire by the same love that brought hope for them, too; a new Church was born. This book details more clearly than ever the God-given spirituality that Jesus Christ first lived, loved, and practised for himself before introducing it into the early Church. It details the new Mystical Spirituality that was its heart and soul and shows how it was understood and practised more widely and more deeply in those first Christian centuries than in any other century since. This profound practice is particularly true at the beginning of the twenty-first century when the Mystical Theology that was the leitmotiv of early Christianity seems not just to have been forgotten but positively rejected. This book insists that we must cast aside the wrongs and the wrongdoing that have since disfigured it and return to our long-lost spiritual heritage without delay. For without it, Christian reform, renewal, or renaissance (call it what you will) will be impossible, and the secular ‘spiritualities’ of our “me-me” world will continue to dominate.