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Driven to aid in the development of the whole human person, our published works are intended for anybody desiring to encounter God at a deeper level and discover the life He had in mind for them before they were born into this world.

This means we only tackle essential topics that inspire people, families, and communities to purge time-wasting activities, refocus on that which truly matters, and recover more margin in their everyday existence to encounter the true, the good, and the beautiful in unfiltered ways.

At Essentialist Press we take a “less, but better” approach to publishing.

Therefore, we will not be accepting manuscripts and instead will rely on recruiting writers whose expertise in their field of wisdom and knowledge is, in our opinion, unrivaled. This also means that from time to time, we may publish out-of-print works from well-respected authors from the past whose ability to offer insight into a specific category as a subject matter expert is deemed remarkable by our team.

In the end, we will not be flooding our community with more books and videos than they need. However, we will be removing unnecessary distractions and offering each reader, viewer, and customer curated items that are essential to encounter God and live out each of their vocations.